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 Ensemble Provider System:

We are proud to present our Ensemble Multiplexer System for Digital Radio applications (DAB/DAB+/DMB)

EMX100 is our full-featured multiplexer and EPC100 is the system manager. Together, all units including encoders etc constitute the Factum Ensemble Provider System (EPS). The system supports upstream entities (e.g. Service Providers) as well as local insertion of data and audio services.

The scalable system structure allows solutions both with or without upstream entities depending on the local infrastructure and requirements.

Our PC based solution makes the system scalable to suit both small and large applications. Redundancy solutions are available that enables the system to provide the most reliable operational safety available on the market today.

Bitrates, number of channels, data capacities etc can seamlessly change in time according to a programmed schedule. If an upstream entity is connected, the EPS grants permissions or denials for their reconfigurations.

Communication between the EPS and an upstream entity is performed using STI-C over TCP/IP. Data from an upstream entity is delivered to the EPS via STI-D over G.703/G.704, V.11 or TCP/IP.

The Factum Head-End System offers superior flexibility when designing a system solution. The system can be setup to use one or two levels of multiplexing, see figures below. In a system solution with two levels of multiplexing one or many Service Provider Systems (containing SPC100 and SMX100) are connected to a Ensemble Provider System (containing EPC100 and EMX100). This system design is commonly used e.g. in Norway and Sweden where the Network Provider owns and hosts the Ensemble System and the broadcasters (Content Providers) use Service Provider Systems. The main benefits are clear interfaces between operators and the possibilty to share one ensemble between many broadcasters.

The Factum Head-End System can generate all kind of DAB/DAB+/DMB services. With our latest audio encoder MAP250E, the system can provide DAB+ services in conjunction with DAB services. The Data Server DBS100 can generate all kind of DAB data services such as EPG, DLS, BWS, Slideshow and TPEG.


EMX100 is the multiplexing engine in the Factum Ensemble Provider Multiplexer System (EPS). It performs the multiplexing of various MPEG audio bitstreams as well as packet mode and stream mode data services, together with SI and FIC information. It also receives and unpacks STI-D streams from upstream entities and inserts them into the outgoing ETI stream.

The EMX100 is controlled by the EPC100, but maintains its operation and services also if the EPC100 is temporarily unavailable. Communication is performed via TCP/IP. In a system with multiplexer redundancy, two EMX100 can operate together in a hot stand-by configuration.

The EMX100 performs seamless audio and data reconfigurations. When using redundant audio encoders, the EMX100 automatically performs seamless switches between the redundant units.

Basic features EMX100:

Seamless reconfigurations of audio and data services 
Configuration storage: present and next 
Control & status monitoring of incoming MPEG audio (silence detection, CRC check, etc) 
Supports STI-D data stream input 
Supports ETI data stream input 
Reed-Solomon decoding and error correction of G.704 (NA) input interfaces
PRBS generation
Front display for immediate status indication 
ETI output (NA or NI) with Reed-Solomon encoding and timestamp generation 
Supports redundant audio encoders, with seamless switching between primary and secondary unit 
MPEG-1/2 (DAB) audio input via X.21/V.11 or IP 
MPEG HE-AAC v2 (DAB+) audio input via G.703/G.704 or IP 
Remotely controlled via the EPC100 (using the Factum DAB Management Tool) 
Hot-swap redundancy for power supply and hard disks (RAID system)


EPC100 is the central component in the Factum Ensemble Provider Multiplexer 
System (EPS) and controls all other units in the system. It handles event logging, communication with upstream entities and scheduling and control of dynamic system reconfigurations. It also handles optional alarm relay outputs and SNMP. EPC100 communicates with other system components.

In a system with redundancy, the EPC100 handles and controls both the primary and secondary system components. Several EPC100 can be setup in system redundancy mode. In this mode a redundant EPC100 will automatically mirror its system information with the master EPC100.

EPC100 interacts with the system user via from the Factum remote control JAVA software client, the Factum DAB Management Tool (DMT). DMT provides an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface, and enables access to the system configurations, status and event logs etc.

Basic features EPC100:

Configuration control & status monitoring of all audio encoders (MAP200E/MAP250E), data servers (DBS100) and multiplexers (EMX100)
Persistent database storage of log events and configurations, scheduling & resources 
STI-C communication with upstream entities, including automatic reconfiguration control and contract negotiations 
Alarm relay outputs 
Remote monitoring via SNMP 
E-mail notification of system events 
Fully documented APIs supported with SDK for SI and Configuration control 
Scheduling of system reconfigurations. 
Automatic SI generation according to current configuration. 
Remote control and monitoring via TCP/IP (using the Factum DAB Management Tool) 
Automatic mirroring of system information in system redundancy mode 
Power supply and hard disks redundancy (RAID system) 
Front panel display of system status

User Interface:

Factum DAB Tool

The easy to use interface (GUI) "DAB Management Tool" is JAVA based and can be installed on most of the operating system in the costumers network. 
The GUI handles configurations, reconfigurations, monitoring of the system, and dynamically changes of labels, PTY etc.


A comprehensive DAB/DMB data server capable of serving all general data features such as, EPG, BWS, TDC, DLS, Slide show and IP tunnelling.
The DBS100 can be installed as a part of the multiplexer (no extra hardware)
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The complete audio encoding solution. Up to four DAB/DAB+ channels in one unit
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