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1 TWISTER Rack modulator/exciter
2 TORNADO Rack High-End Modulator/Exciter (TOR)
3 OEM DVB-T/T2 Modulator (MT2)
4 OEM High-End DVB-T/T2 Modulator (G4C)
5 OEM Dualcast Modulator (MT2-2210/G4C-3230)
6 OEM DTMB High-End Modulator (TOR)
7 OEM CMMB/DTMB Modulator (MCX)
8 OEM DAB/T-DMB Modulator (MAB)
9 OEM DVB-T/H and DTMB MIP Inserter (MIP)
10 OEM DVB-T/H Modulator (MAX)
11 OEM High-End Digital Modulator (MHX)
12 OEM High-end Digital Modulator for DAB/DMB Transmitter (MHX-3320)
13 OEM ISDB-T/TB Modulator - MIS-1000/2000
14 OEM Network Interface Module (NIM)
15 OEM Repeater/Gap-Filler Engine multi-standard (GFX)
16 OEM Modulador Digital Superior (MHX)
17 OEM Repetidoras Digitais Versáteis de Mesma Frequência (GFX)