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ISAQ 100 - The Optically Isolated Data Acquisition System


The ISAQ 100 System is a PC controlled optically isolated data acquisition system designed for analyzing and/or recording of voltage signals. Using transducers, you can analyze any physical or chemical processes.

Due the multifunctional design of the ISAQ 100, you can use thiscost efficient data acquitition system as a

  • Isolation amplifier
  • Data recorder & analyzer
  • Realtime scope
  • FFT analyzer



The perfect choice for EMC critical areas and high voltage applications!


High precision measurements
18 bit resolution
2MSps sampling rate

Absolute safety
Galvanic Isolation > 1 MV
On-desk operation up to 1000V

Wide input range
± 250 V max. input range

Low radiated emissions

30 Hz to 1000 MHz: 2 dBµV/m in 10 m

Outstanding portability
8000 hours battery power
Light weight and compact 

Intuitive handling
Graphical user interface for Windows® PCs
Easy documentation and archiving

Potential free measurements
Up to 3 km optical data transfer

Simple integration and automation
OLE compatible automation interface