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TSE-1000: TS Stream Combiner & Splitter




The TS combiner (TSE0-1030) associated to the TS splitter (TSE0-1010) implement a cost effective and highly integrated process which is designed to transport one or several MPEG-TS streams transparently over a distribution networks.The TSE0-1000 shows all its advantage for a high bit rate transmission, like DVB-S2. Indeed, in a video link transmission it permits to save frequency by multiplexing two or more transport streams. 


Simple and open protocol

TSE0-1000 implements a proven and open encapsulation protocol based on the MPEG-TS Private Section format. TeamCast has selected this protocol because of its simplicity and availability, and therefore take the advantage to integrate it within the cost effective ModulCast product range. Contrary to existing proprietary solutions on the market, thank to its private encapsulation, the TSE0-1000 solution provides the means to multiplex streams without contrariety of PID. 


Combiner (TSE0-1030)

The combiner allows multiplexing up to tree streams; more are possible by cascading several combiners. The combiner offers the possibility to optimize the bit rate of each stream by removing null packet generated by a previous modulation or the encoder. Combined stream bit rate can be set to fit the existing system.


Splitter (TSE0-1010)

The splitter allows de-multiplexing up to two streams; more are possible by cascading several splitters. Onto each output it is possible to select the desired stream. Each output stream can have its own bit rate. The timestamp (PCR) continuity and precision can be assured by an update. 


Key features:

  • Transparent MPEG-TS transport
  • Standard MPEG-TS Private section encapsultion
  • Small overhead (< 5 %)
  • Network jitter filtering
  • PCR re-stamping
  • Compact size for easy OEM integration
  • Single 12V power supply