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The RSG is the most advanced and powerful DVB-S2 receiver for high bitrates wireless transmissions for Electronic News Gathering, Security and Defense video contributions. 

DVB-S2 modulation advantages

As OEM solutions, RSG modules from TeamCast can be used to design a modem for any kind of wireless transmission systems, where people need bitrates and robustness against Doppler effect. Thanks to the performances of RSG modules, you can receive up to 170 Mbits/s with very good reliability in mobile environment using frequency above 2 GHz. This solution will open the door to new applications such as HDTV, 4K and 3DTV capture for Broadcaster, but also applications likeUAV for Defense. In the context of crowded spectrum, the bitrate capacity of the system allows to transport several audio/video streams in a single RF channel without complex multiplexing devices! 

Upgrade your receiver to IP!

As a standard feature, RSG implements the high capacity TS over IP interface that supports streaming of 4 independent TS streams using relevant transport protocols such as UDP, RTP, unicast or Multicast. In parallel, an Ethernet control port is available and brings the opportunity to control the module thanks to its embedded web browser! 

Fastest Time to market

As with all TeamCast modules, the RSG products comprise of compact andpowerful OEM units, designed and developed for fast integration.


Key features:

• DVB-S/S2 demodulation with high performances

• Input frequency range: 1.95 to 2.9GHz

 Bitrate up to 170 Mbps

• Up to 4 independent TS streams in one RF channel

• Multiple ASI and IP outputs

• Web-browser control interface

• Single 10-36VDC power supply

• Easy integration