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4-Way RUBY Diversity Demodulator


RNG is a cost effective RUBY diversity 4 professional demodulator, addressing wireless Links market. It has been especially designed to operate in difficult reception environment with multipath echoes, noisy channel and Doppler effect. RNG can be easily integrated into a four antenna receiving station to ensure a 360° degree coverage with continuous signal decoding (no antenna-switching).RNG offers the opportunity to implement the receiver into a network. The requirements for streaming realtime datafl ow can be easily met. This versatile receivers interface with any network standard (Ethernet, 3G, WLAN ...) and replace the need for expensive, proprietary solutions. 


High performance and Reliability

RNG includes all the state-of-the-art technological features for RUBY demodulation, providing high input sensitivity and robustness against noise and Doppler effect. The MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) algorithm ensures service continuity thanks to an algorithm that computes each of the COFDM carriers. 


RUBY Advantages

RUBY is a OFDM technology designed by TeamCast especially robust for wireless transmissions in harsh environment. TeamCast was pioneer is providing OEM solutions for wireless transmissions based on OFDM /DVB-T. Nevertheless, based on its analysis of the specific phenomenons in this kind of applications, TeamCast has developed a more flexible waveform called Ruby. Thanks to Ruby, the performances of your systems are simply doubled! 


Fastest Time to market

As with all TeamCast modules, the RNG product consists of a compact and powerful unit, especially designed and developed for fast integration. The advance IP control permits to monitor the Input signal level, Signal to noise ratio, and indicative MER. 


Compact size

The RNG integrates a four channels receiving process that supports all RUBY modes with several channel bandwidths. The RNG0-3x40 small size ease its integration monitoring system or solutions for Electronic News Gathering. 


Key features:

° 4-way True MRC diversity (Maximum Ratio Combining)

° RUBY-8/16 MHz Channels

° State-of-the-art Doppler compensation

° Monitoring features (MER, BER, RF level, C/N+I, etc)

° TS and Ethernet Stream output

° Easy integration

° Single 10-36V power supply