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MNG is the most advanced and powerful solution to design wireless transmissions systems addressing the Video and Data links, for broadcast, defense and security applications in mobile environment. Thanks to its selectable waveform, the choice of the modulation depends on the field:

RUBY waveform

RUBY, based on COFDM, addresses the demand from service operators for more robust and flexible transmission links, especially running in mobile and rural environment conditions. This standard is especially developed for LOS/NLOS harsh environment suffering from signal fading, doppler, echoes and trees. The native support of Ethernet and TS packet transport allows to design video link but also modem for IP based communication.

  • Up to 50Mbps in 16MHz bandwidth

DVB-S2 waveform

DVB-S2, based on a single carrier standard, makes easy transporting high bit rates over long distances in LOS conditions. This transmission is robust in terms of signal to noise ratio (it permits to have a negative SNR) and against doppler.

  • Up to 170Mbps

High Performance and Reliability

The MNG module includes all the state-of-the-art technological features. They provide designers with a best of class performance for direct interface with RF amplifier, providing a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and lowest phase noise. The product fulfils requirements producing the highest quality transmission.


Key features:

  • Multi-carriers (COFDM/Ruby) and Single-carrier (DVB-S2) modulations
  • Very high modulation performance (MER, shoulder level, RF stability, low phase noise)
  • Wide RF output range
  • TS and Ethernet stream input
  • Easy integration
  • Single 10-36V power supply