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OEM Network Interface Module (NIM)

NIM-1000: The innovative Network Interface Module for flexible broadcast networks:

  • Feeds DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB transmission sites with IP networks
  • Provides intelligent redundancy mechanism for transmitters 
  • Enables the design of ETI over IP Gateways


NIM-1000 is a truly innovative and powerful solution that implements multi-network stream management in parallel and in real-time. Its capability to process several streams simultaneously fully meets broadcaster’s requirements to implement intelligent stream redundancy management capabilities into Digital transmitters. NIM-1000 consists of a compact, rugged and reliable module that upgrades a classical transmitter into an “IP Ready” solution!

More intelligence for transmitters

NIM-1000 has been especially designed to bring more intelligence into transmitters. It enables transmission equipment to offer a larger choice of input interface types, adding Satellite, RF and IP input ports. It transforms a modulator’s basic redundant stream switching mechanism into a more flexible and configurable stream switching feature. Its powerful and scalable system architecture makes NIM-1000 a flexible and future proof platform, allowing it easily to support the needs of broadcasters to implement more and more complex and integrated features, for cutting edge transmission solutions.

Latest state of the art IP technology

NIM-1000 integrates all the mechanisms required to extract multiplex streams from the IP transport layer, including the latest state-of-the-art EDI protocol for the NIM-1130 (ETI version). NIM-1000 supports both Unicast and Multicast, and includes VLAN tagging service filtering. The clock and synchronization process has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of a transmitter feeding into an SFN mode network. In particular, network jitter is filtered and ETI frames are pre-aligned for optimal interface interoperability with the modulator.

Key Features 

  • Up to 4 ETI output streams with parallel management 
  • Ethernet Electrical and Ethernet Optical (SFP) ports
  • IP jitter filtering
  • Flexible redundancy management
  • Fully compliant with SFN streams