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OEM High-end Digital Modulator for DAB/DMB Transmitter (MHX-3320)

• Unique OEM solution on the market!

• Latest state-of-the art Digital Non Linear Adaptive Pre-correction
• Redundant ETI (NI/NA) inputs
• Superior RF performances  



MHX-3320 belongs to the MHX-3000 product range and has been especially designed to drive DAB, DAB+or T-DMB transmitters in the VHF Band III. It comes as a compact, flexible and reliable OEM modulator,ready to be integrated within a Digital Radio transmitter. MHX-3320 features two ETI streams inputs,one used as a primary input and the other one as a secondary input for redundancy architecturepurpose. The ETI input stream format is automatically detected (NI or NA), with capability for errorcorrection when ETI-NA is used. 


Simplify maintenance and maximize efficiency using DAP

MHX-3000 has been especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturer’s expectations to provideoptimized and easy to maintain transmission solutions.Easy to use Nonlinear Adaptive Digital Pre-correction circuits are incorporated to compensate automaticallyand transparently for power amplifier characteristics.This functionality reduces the time for final transmitter set-up before delivery and reduces the operatingcost for broadcasters by simplifying on-site maintenance operation.Furthermore, the innovative DAP algorithm developed by TeamCast allows the DAB/DMB digital transmittersto operate closer to their saturation region by adapting in real-time the power amplifiersinherent nonlinearities and minimizing the often ignored «memory effect» of the amplifier circuitry.This permits transmitter manufacturers to bring to market a more efficient transmitter product andwill play a key role in reducing recurrent OPEX costs for Broadcasters. 


High performance DAB modulation core

MHX-3320 integrates the very last generation of TeamCast DAB modulator core technology (6th Generation).Through this product, transmitter manufacturers as well as system integrators inherit morethan 15 years of TeamCast expert’s experience in the domain of the Digital Radio modulation implementation.MHX-3320 includes a very precise technology up-converter resulting in best of classsignal performances, such as a very high MER, low shoulder levels and high spurious rejection. Itfeatures latest state-of-the-art inband remote control mechanism that authorises broadcastersto remotely control the DAB/DMB transmitters remotely from the head-end. Finally, MHX-3320 incorporates a comprehensive set of test modes to ease product integration andtransmission tests (stand-alone 3G mode, In-channel PRBS insertion, TII signallinginsertion, suppressed carriers mode,...) 


Key features:

• Native Digital Adaptive Non Linear Precorrection circuits
• Seamless input switching
• Automatic input stream format detection
• MFN and SFN operating
• Very high modulation performance
• Very stable and low noise oscillator (OCXO)