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OEM High-End Digital Modulator (MHX)


MHX-3000: High-end Digital Modulator:


  • Latest state-of-the art Digital Adaptive Pre-correction
  • Scalable Multi-standards platform
  • Software up-gradable modulation core
  • Highly reliable OEM solution
  • Superior RF performances



MHX-3000 is a new generation of TeamCast modulators, adressing the need from transmitter manufacturers to integrate high-end digital modulation technology with native Digital Adpative Precorrection circuits. The MHX-3000 product range consists of several hardware configurations to adress a large scale of network implementations and operating frequency band use cases. In its basic configuration, MHX-3000 features two ASI stream inputs, one primary and one secondary used for redundancy purpose, and two IP ports dedicated to control management and streaming.

Latest state-of-the-art Digital Adaptive Precorrection

MHX-3000 has been especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturer's expectations to provide optimized and easy to maintain transmission solutions. Easy to use Linear and Non-Linear Adaptive Digital Pre-correction circuits are incorporated to compensate automatically and transparently for power amplifier and output filter characteristics.


Key Features

  • Multi-standards modulation score

  • Native Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits

  • Multi stream inputs (Satellite, Transport Stream, IP, etc.)

  • Redundancy management (stream and synchronization)

  • MFN and SFN operating

  • Very high modulation performance

  • Very stable and low noise oscillator (OCXO)