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OEM DVB-T/H Modulator (MAX)


OEM Modulator - MAX-1000/2000


  • DVB-T/H full mode implementation
  • Efficient stream input management for redundancy configurations
  • Redundancy management (stream and synchronization)
  • PID management for local insertion
  • MFN and SFN operation
  • Optional onboard GPS
  • Powerful linear and non-linear digital pre-corrections circuits



The MAX-1000/2000 consists of an easily integrated and high performance DVBT/H digital modulator, specially designed for transmitter manufacturers who wish to develop the latest state-of-the-art LP (Low Power) transmitters in their product range. As the Digital Switch Over (DSO) plans are progressing in many countries, the demand for LP transmitters is increasing. Key requirements expressed by leading
Broadcasters in choosing LP transmitters include price, compactness, performance and onboard features such as GPS.

Advanced features to secure SFN operating

MAX-1000/2000 includes all the necessary clock and synchronisation mechanisms required to operate DVB-T/H transmissions in Single Frequency Mode (SFN) applications.
Specific processes have been implemented to manage input stream redundancy switching as well as clock and time reference loss recovery, in the most flexible and efficient way. This provides the means for Broadcasters to maintain reliable Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation even after having detected
stream or reference signal impairments (for example: missing MIP packet, timestamp
error, loss of 1 PPS, etc.).

Performance & Reliability

The MAX-1000/2000 modules include all of the latest state of-the art technology for efficient digital modulation. They provide designers with best of class performance, including a high MER value and excellent shoulder levels for DVB signals. Simple to use non-linear digital pre-correction circuits
are incorporated to provide precise compensation for the output filter and power amplifier characteristics.

Key Features

  • Cost effective solution
  • Compact size
  • High performance and reliability
  • Onboard GPS