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OEM DVB-T/H and DTMB MIP Inserter (MIP)

MIP-1000: DVB-T/H and DTMB MIP Inserter 



The MIP-1000 is the most integrated and cost effective MIP inserter for addressing the OEM market. It provides the opportunity for system integrators to launch their own MIP inserter products for DVB-T/H and for the new emerging terrestrial DTV market in China! The MIP-1000 performs bit rate adaptation, PCR re-stamping and generates the Mega-Frame stream structure mandatory for SFN network synchronization.

Fastest Time to market

As with all TEAMCAST modules, the MIP-1000 product consists of a compact and powerful unit, especially
designed and developed for fast integration. The MIP-1000 takes benefit from TEAMCAST’s strategy for
rapid modulator development as new standards and specifications evolve. In synchronisation with the launch of the new DTMB MFN/SFN modulator product range, the MIP-1000 platform supports now both DVB-T/H and DTMB technologies. This provides the opportunity for system integrators to launch rapidly their own product ranges for the Chinese market.

Performance & Reliability

MIP-1000 module includes all the state-of-the-art technological features for DVB-T/H and DTMB mega-frame processing. The MIP-1000 inserter can be used in hierarchical modes (DVB-T/H) or in the 1+1 redundant mode performing automatic and seamless input switching. It implements the MIP mandatory fields and the optional functions that ease the SFN network set-up and tuning on the field.
The MIP-1000 is fully compliant with the major DTMB modulation technology available today for the Chinese market.

Key Features 

  • SIP Insertion Function for DTMB SFN Network 
  • DVB-T/H full modes implementation
  • Efficient TS input management for redundancy
  • Compact size for easy OEM integration
  • Single 12 V power supply