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MCX-2000: The high performance OEM modulator dedicated to Chinese TV applications for:

  • CMMB and DTMB transmitters,
  • Integrated test systems,
  • R&D and laboratory experiment



Get ready for the Chinese Terrestrial TV market now!
MCX-2000 is the most integrated and cost effective CMMB (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) and DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting) modulator addressing the OEM market. It provides the opportunity for transmitter manufacturers as well as for system integrators to launch rapidly their own product range for the Chinese Mobile TV and Terrestrial DTV market segments.

Fastest Time to market

As with all modules in the TEAMCAST product range, the MCX-2000 product consists of a compact and powerful unit, especially designed and developed for fast integration. The MCX-2000 integrates all the technology core required to perform high quality modulation. Designers can elect to manage the TEAMCAST module by using the open and simple serial protocol, or to develop their own GUI as required.

Performance & Reliability

MCX-2000 modules include all the state-of-the art technological features for the Chinese Terrestrial Digital TV modulation (CMMB and DTMB). It provides designers with a best of class performance, providing a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and lowest phase noise (compliant with SARFT requirements). Easy to use linear and non-linear digital pre-correction circuits are incorporated to compensate for output filter and power amplifier characteristics, if required. The product fulfils both transmitter manufacturers’ and system integrators’ requirements producing reference test systems for the CMMB and DTMB standards.

Key Features 

  • Fully compliant with CMMB (STIMI technology)
  • Fully compliant with DTMB (TDS-OFDM and Single Carrier signal waveforms)
  • Stream input switching for redundancy
  • MFN and SFN operating modes
  • Secure and robust process in case of loss of reference signals in SFN
  • Optional onboard GPS
  • Very high modulation performance (RF stability, shoulder level, low phase noise)
  • Linear and non-linear digital pre-correction circuits
  • VHF and UHF models