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OEM Dualcast Modulator (MT2-2210/G4C-3230)

Key Benefits

  • Dual Analogue PAL and Digital DVB-T/DVB-T2 Modulation
  • Smooth Analogue to Digital Switchover with the same firmware
  • World-wide leading and proven DVB-T2 technology
  • Full digital process with premium performances modulation
  • Comprehensive set of audio & video input interfaces  



 The MT2-2210 and G4C-3230 OEM products incorporate latest state-of-the-art digital modulation providing transmitter manufacturers with maximum flexibility for standard transition support. Specifically designed to meet Broadcaster’s demand to invest in digital- ready transmitters, they allow a smooth and cost-effective transition to Digital.

These modulators feature Analogue PAL plus DVB-T and DVB-T2 modulation schemes, without requiring a hardware upgrade or firmware software upload! They include a comprehensive set of signal input interfaces including Analogue Video (CVBS and Audio (Balanced and unbalanced), as well as digital inputs (SDI and ASI).

When operating in Analogue PAL mode, the MT2-2210 and G4C-3230 provide maximum performance in terms of input signal robustness as well as radiated modulated signal quality. An integrated video decoding processor, combined with a Digital Noise Reduction mechanism, authorizes locking to weak, noisy and unstable video sources. These modulators give users capability for manual adjustment including peak white, hue, brightness, saturation and contrast. They also embeds native and specific test modes dedicated to analogue transmitter final testing and commissioning.

These multistandard modules also integrate a NICAM 728 encoder for digital sound broadcasting, compliant with EN 300 163 standard. This avoids the need for complex and expensive solutions such as external NICAM encoders.

In order to achieve maximum power efficiency, user-friendly linear and non-linear digital precorrection circuits are included for compensating the output filter and power amplifier distortions.


Key features:  

  • Software selectable PAL, DVB-T or DVB-T2 
  • Built-in analogue video decoder
  • Built-in NICAM 728 digital sound encoder
  • Fully Digital modulation core
  • Manual Digital Precorrection in PAL
  • Manual or Adaptative Digital Precorrection for DVB-T/T2
  • Full DVB-T2 modes
  • Onboard GPS/GLONASS