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Maxiva™ VAX with PowerSmart® 3D
Maxiva™ VAX
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MAP300E DAB/DAB+ Encoder
MAP250E DAB/DAB+ Encoder
MAP200E DAB Encoder
Ensemble Provider Head-End System
Data Applications for DAB
DBS100 Data Server
Service Provider System
rsw100 Switch
Test & Demo system
Cadenza Audio Compressor
DAB ETI Recorder/Player
DTC100 DAB Transport Converter
Factum ETI Test Library

 Data Applications for DAB


On top of the existing getting started tools, included in the Factum data server DBS100, we now also offer solutions for more advanced handling of data services for EPG, Slideshow and Dynamic Labels. The Factum offer for data services captures the requirements of both small and large radio broadcasters.

AIM Rapid Software

AIM Rapid is a powerful multi-platform data publishing tool. It forms the hub of a radio stations' interactive services, by receiving and managing feeds from automation systems, RSS feeds and third-party systems. It then publishes these dynamic feeds to a range of platforms, both broadcast (e.g. DAB,DAB+ and DMB) and online.

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AIM Guide is an EPG management tool. Programme schedules are manually entered into AIM Guide, or can be imported from an existing internal system. These schedules are validated, re-formatted and published to a range of different broadcast and non-broadcast EPG systems.


Unique Interactive

EPG3 - From Unique Interactive 
Author and publish your programme information on-line and on-air
'EPG3', the third generation electronic programme guide system from Unique Interactive, combines a powerful multi-platform server and Windows
client to give you complete control over your programme information management and publication.

ManDLS - Manage, schedule and deliver cross-platform multimedia broadcast messages
'ManDLS' is the UK's most widely deployed message broadcast system providing DLS and RadioText services to more than 120 UK national 
and networked radio stations.  Whether music, news, traffic, travel or weather, ManDLS delivers the right information at the right time.