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Bode 100
Software & Automation
ISAQ 100
Software & Automation
OTMC 100
Signal Injectors
Realtime Scope
With the ISAQ 100 System you can directly measure and analyze signals in the time domain. This allows you to get a quick picture of the acquired signal. The Scope Mode also allows to display several calculated values of the measured signal like frequency, TrueRMS, VPP, VDC,...
The FFT Mode of the ISAQ 100 System enables frequency-domain analysis at a high dynamic range of >100 dB. Measuring and analyzing spectral peak frequencies and magnitudes with simple-to-use cursor functions and several calculated values provide detailed information about your acquired signal.
Data Recorder
The Data Recorder Mode allows fast and easy set-up using a step-by-step wizard. Resulting from the unique hardware design of the ISAQ 100 System, the data recorder enables long-time recording. The recording length is only limited by the size of the computers internal or external hard drive. The data recorder allows transient recording providing several trigger possibilities. Calculated values such as frequency, TrueRMS, VPP, VDC, and others can be recorded directly.
Data Analyzer
The Data Analyzer allows to view and analyze the recorded measurements of the Data Recorder Mode. Cursor functions enable data analysis directly after recording or offl ine when no ISAQ 100 System is connected to the PC.