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Bode 100
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ISAQ 100
Software & Automation
OTMC 100
Signal Injectors
Gain/Phase Mode
The Gain/Phase Mode supports measuring the gain and phase shift of electronic circuits at one specific frequency. You can choose your results to be shown either in Cartesian or Polar coordinates.
Impedance/Reflection Mode
The Impedance/Reflection mode is designed to measure complex impedance and reflection at one specific frequency. It calculates the series and the parallel equivalent circuits to display them graphically. You can choose your results to be shown either in Cartesian or Polar coordinates.
Frequency Sweep Mode
The Frequency Sweep Mode supports a great variety of frequency sweep measurements. To characterize any device under test completely, you can perform linear and logarithmic sweeps. Impedance, Reflection, Admittance, Group Delay, Gain and Phase can be measured from 1Hz to 40MHz.
Various different diagrams help you to examine the tested circuit: For the in-depth analysis the Bode Analyzer Suite offers Polar, Nyquist, Smith and Cartesian diagrams. The latter are available with linear and logarithmic axis scaling. Cursors help you to find resonance frequencies or zero crossings in the measured curves.
Frequency Sweep Mode - External Coupler
This mode was especially designed to perform impedance or reflection measurements with external couplers or impedance measurement bridges. It offers you the same functionality as the Frequency Sweep mode.
Frequency Sweep Mode - Impedance Adapter
This mode makes your measurements easier, if you want to measure the impedance of electronic components using our impedance adapters. Ideally, you use your Bode 100 with the B-WIC or the B-SMC.